Making a Donation to any Charity is a very important decision and knowing how your donation will be used, should be very clear.

You will be very pleased to know that your donation thru this webpage will go 100% into our Family Fund account. The Family Fund is used 100% for the needs of the families we are helping. the credit card company isn't donating their services so there is a small fee taken by them. maybe some day that will change.

If you would like to make a donation to help the organization with operating expenses, event supplies, food and drink, or any form of product donation please call or email us. Or in the link below select "To be used by the Charity as needed" to make a donation to our General Accout.

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Reoccurring Monthly Donations

This is like using a payroll deduction, except all of your donation would get to the families without hidden processing fees.

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You can also mail a check to the address below if you don't wish to use a credit card.

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